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Hai Yu Bai Te您一劳永逸的中央空调安装、保养、维修服务商Hai Yu Bai Te

普通中央空调工程商Hai Yu Bai Te威克士中央空调工程商

NO.1 安装人员技术不过关中央空调资源无法合理利用,耗电量大,安装后常出现漏水等工程问题?

NO.2 工程商经验匮乏技术人员实力不过关,对产品不了解,无法提供专业 的中央空调保养服务?

NO.3 多次维修问题依然频出维修偷工减料,不使用原厂零件,一修再修却始终无法有效解决问题?

工程师持证上岗Engineers certificates
技术人员原厂培训Original technical staff training
原装零件专业维修Original parts professional maintenance

四大核心优势Four core strengths四大核心优势

Make the most reliable equipment for rolling equipment engineering

Automatic pulping system18 years of industry experience precipitation
The core equipment of the system is a new homogenizing process (high speed dispersing homogenizer) for slurry treatment. Fully enclosed, high efficiency, low energy consumption and can greatly improve the slurry properties (high consistency, low internal resistance, give full play to the performance of active materials)
High precision rolling equipment production lineTCentral air-conditioning brand agent
1. Adopting the most advanced power drive mode, two permanent magnet synchronous motors drive two hard helical gear reducers to drive two rollers through the drum coupling. The electronic control part mainly adopts PLC and display touch screen control.
High precision automatic SlitterDiversification of brand choice
The device is used for double side coating of lithium battery electrode visual inspection function. During the production process, the equipment detects the electrode defect and automatically marks the electrode, and then the system automatically records and stores, which is convenient for traceability and process control. The working principle of the equipment is that the magnetic powder is passively ...
Round wafer winding machineTwo hours fast response
The equipment integrates the function of lithium battery cell slicing and winding; the electrode ears of positive and negative plates of the battery to be detected by the detecting elements are cut (the length of the electrode ears can be adjusted), and the electrode ears are welded by ultrasonic welding machine, and the protective tape is pasted. After the completion of the production process, the device automatically rolls the pole piece and diaphragm, and terminates the glue. The electric core after winding is transmitted by the transmission mechanism.

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Customer witness

Customer witness

  Hai Yu bait is an old Brand Company. We specializes in the design, product…

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Customer witness

Customer witness

  Hai Yu bait is an old Brand Company. We specializes in the design, product…

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Hai Yu Bai Te

  Hai Yu bait is an old Brand Company. We specializes in the design, production and service of the …Look >


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